4 Reasons You Might Want to Hire Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your Condo in Orange County (90638)

Are you thinking about selling your Orange County condo? Then you might be weighing the possibility of working with an agent to sell. That’s why we’ve written this blog post… to share 4 reasons you might want to hire real estate agent to help you sell your condo in Orange County.

Selling a condo can seem very complicated, which is why many people trust a real estate agent to help them. But admittedly, there are other options to sell your condo (and many prefer to sell on their own or sell directly to a condo-buying company like us here at Fast Condo Buyers.) But, if you are thinking about selling your condo and maybe getting the help of a real estate agent, then here are 4 reasons you might want to hire real estate agent to help you sell your condo in Orange County.

4 Reasons you Might Want to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Help you Sell your Condo in Orange County

Reason #1. Simple

Selling a condo can be complicated. You’ve got to deal with buyers, banks, and attorneys; there are contracts and clauses and negotiations; and, sometimes it’s hard to know what order to do things in. An agent can help simplify the process because that’s what they do! They help people buy and sell condos for a living. They have the contracts and agreements and know their way around them. It makes things much simpler.

Reason #2. Hands-off

Some folks who choose to sell their condo themselves (called “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO) find out pretty quickly that selling this way can be very busy. You’ll end up scheduling buyers to walk through the condo, you’ll be busy marketing your condo all over town, and you’ll be learning on the fly and negotiating on the fly… all on top of living your regular life. A real estate agent makes it simple and hands-off for you.

Reason #3. Potentially Higher Price

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to sell with the help of an agent (versus selling on their own) is the potential for a higher price. In theory, agents are expert negotiators who can figure out the best price to sell the condo for and then negotiate on your behalf to get the buyer to pay as much as possible. Selling other ways may not result in as high of a selling price (though you will need to pay your agent’s commission.)

Reason #4. Sell to a Homeowner

Maybe you want to sell and you don’t like the thought of your condo being renovated and rented out, or torn down. After all, you have a lot of emotions attached to this condo. Some people don’t care what happens to a condo after they sell it but if you’d prefer to sell to a homeowner (versus an investor) then selling to an agent will increase the likelihood of that happening.


There are many ways to sell a condo – sometimes with an agent and sometimes without. However if selling your condo seems too complicated than these are 4 reasons you might want to hire real estate agent to help you sell your condo in Orange County. It’s not right for everyone… but it’s at least worth looking into before you decide one way or the other.

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